Choosing A Vacation Rental in The Grand Cayman Islands

Choosing A Vacation Rental in The Grand Cayman Islands

Vacation rentals are a great way to have a home away from home. This is particularly true if you want to travel to a far-flung destination like Grand Cayman where hotel rentals are prohibitively expensive.These homes come fully equipped with furniture, appliances, and other accessories and all you have to do is stock the pantry and enjoy your rented home. There are many ways to find vacation rentals as well. There are many websites offering vacation rentals. All you have to do is browse online, compare rates, and features and make a choice. But before you make a final choice, here are a few things you have to keep in mind while choosing Grand Cayman vacation rentals.

grand cayman vacation rentals

Location: Always check the location of the vacation rental. Remember, that you are new to the city. Try to choose a rental that is located in a middle-class residential area of the city. You may not get an accurate idea through photos listed on the website. Its a far better idea to get the address and check through Google Maps. This way you have an accurate idea of the neighborhood and the people living in the area. Another useful tool is Google Earth. This will give you a true idea of the businesses located in and around the apartment. For example, having a kennel next to your rental may seem cute for a day or two but the incessant yapping and odor will drive you nuts after a month.

Cost: The cost of vacation rentals tends to vary. Most rentals in Grand Cayman are located close to the beach and this makes them expensive during tourist season. However, you can just as easily find really great properties within walking distance of the beach at a slightly lower rate. These properties may be located in residential areas and they are perfect for small families who want an affordable but comfortable stay during their vacation.

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Amenities : All vacation rental sites insist on the property owner putting up at least three to ten photos of the apartment. Make sure that you check the photos scrupulously. Most owners are very particular about the amenities they offer but things do tend to slip. For example, the rental owner may not have an oven and he might not consider it important. However, for you an oven may be absolutely essential and you might not have noticed it in the photos. If you assume that the oven is present, you will end up being disappointed as you did not check the photos. Another point to be careful about is amenities in and around the apartment. For example, find out whether they are hotels, malls and small shops located close to the apartment or you could end up shelling up big bucks just to buy groceries. Get more info on this webpage.

As you can see, finding good Grand Cayman vacation rentals require a little hard work. Check as many websites as possible to find good rentals and compare them before you may a final decision. Take the time to check a few travel websites as well. Consumers who have already used vacation rentals will provide their reviews online and you can use these as a guide while making your final decision. If you do your research properly, you can easily find good homes almost anywhere in the island nation and they will be quite affordable.


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