Different Roof Styles Change the Look of a Home

Different Roof Styles Change the Look of a Home

There are many different roof styles, which you will begin to notice as you pay increasingly more attention to home design and roofing angles.

different roof styles

Many people think in overly simplistic terms of pitched or flat roofs, however there are numerous styles and graduations of each variety. There are also various options for roofing materials, which can drastically change the aesthetic of not only a roof, but an entire home.

For example, the Mansard Roof, composed of four slopes–two on each side of the home—tends to have a beachy bungalow feel. In this design the lower slope is steeper and more vertical than the upper slope.

The Flat Roof is typically associated with mid-century modern design, and is very easy to identify. These types of roofs are generally easier to construct, but they do require additional maintenance, as water and debris tend to gather on the top of the roof’s surface. For more info check out: fredericroofing.com

A Pyramid Roof is exactly what its name suggests–a type of roof that is shaped like a pyramid. This style of roof is often used on small structures including garages or pool houses.


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